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Masterbuilt question

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A few years ago I bought a small (~3' hi x ~1.5'wide x ~ 2' deep)  Masterbuilt electric smoker, after years of using a classic New Braunfels.


I loved it, but after maybe 2 years, it just stopped working. I called the company, and they told me if I could prove I'd bought it in the previous 2 years, they'd send me a new one, or if it had been 3 yrs, I could get a new one for half price.


I had no idea where any receipt was, so I was out of luck.


I got the impression the problem was in the digital electronic controller.


Does anyone know if there's any way I can fix this thing, or do anything useful with it?

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I think we need more info as to what it does do and / or what it's not doing . After you plug it in does the display light ? if you press set temp are you able to set a temp ? Same with the time setting ? If you can do all that then does the red light illuminate indicating power has been sent to the heating element ? I think answering those questions may be able to get you an answer .

   Mine quit working about a month after I got it and it was the female spade terminals hooked to the heating element disintegrated . That has been a huge problem in the past . There are probably about 10 topics started about that repair . I put new stainless appliance terminals on the old wire and that must have been 5 years ago or so and I've probably used it at least once a week since then . Some folks have replaced the wiring to the element also , but I didn't do it that way .

   A little more info and I'm sure someone will post some good suggestions.

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It does nothing. None of the controller lights go on. And I don't think there's a red power light anywhere.


I'm going to try and find the repair posts.

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MES 2.jpg 462k .jpg file

The unit is a model 20070106.


This is a pic of the element and where it attaches to the wall of the smoker.

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Okay. THIS is a photo of the element.

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it probably isn't the wiring to the element , then. Not trying to be a smart aleck , but are you sure the outlet has power to it ? I'd just plug something in to each outlet that you are using to make sure each outlet is getting power . There are probably threads on here about MES totally dead ... or something to that effect . You might also unplug the digital control unit and plug it back in , maybe there is a bad connection . Also , if you are using an extension cord , try plugging the unit into the outlet (after you have made sure all the outlets where you are plugging it in work ) directly . I say that because my friend just replaced an outlet where the top outlet worked but the bottom didn't . I found that for him because he had a light in one outlet and a dehumidifier in the other and he thought the dehumidifier died , but I plugged the light into the dehumidifier outlet and it didn't work . The outlet was bad . Same goes for an extension cord , they don't fail very often but every now and then ...

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None of the things you mentioned. It happened a while ago, and has been moved and re-plugged a few times.


I looked at several of the posts on the problem, and the fixes are a little complex for me. I've pretty much  given up on Masterbuilt, but if I can find a new element with some kind of controller, I'd like to try to remove the old one and put in a new one.


Or maybe just turn it into a small cold smoker.


If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate hearing them.



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That model number had a 650 watt element but no access door to get to it. If you drill the rivets out of the back panel you might be able to figure it out. Not sure its worth it but if you find and element and an inexpensive PID you can bring her back to life. One suggestion, get a larger wattage element if you go forward. Recovery time on the 650 watt is slow.
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Thanks Geerock. I've read references to PIDs, but haven't figured out what they are yet. I found this


Old Smokey Electric Smoker Replacement Heating Element


and this


Old Smokey Electric Smoker Replacement Thermostat & Cord


on Amazon, and thought they might work. The element is rated at 1500 Watts.


I'd probably cut a hole in the wall opposite the original element (not sure what I'd use. Sawzall is probably a little rough for this), mount the element and be on my way.

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