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Smoking Salmon nuggets with duelling AMNPS's

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Needed to do some Salmon nuggets today and wanted to use a AMNPS in one of my Big Chief smokers. But then said to myself "why not try running two AMNPS smokers? I think they would smoke a little better if I drilled some holes along the bottom sides of the box. Yes the mailbox idea is another way to consider but this didn't cost me time or energy to at least give it a try.


Here's the wife trying to steal a piece of Salmon while I'm trying to do a money shot.
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Salmon is beautiful! Did you have both of those AMNPSs lit at both ends?

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That looks ssoooo good........ If you don't mind me asking, what did you soak them in?



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Wow. I love smoked salmon and that looks great. Well done.



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Woodcutter -  I only lit one end of the outside row of each smoker.  Did not use the rows closest to the heating element.  So yes a total of two rows were lit.


A fair amount of smoke came out of the smoker, but as I said earlier, if I had drilled say 3-4 1/2" holes along the outside walls at the bottom(right next to the smoker), they would have probably breathed better.  Maybe produce too much smoke?



Bkleinsmid - Basic dry brine of  non iodized salt / Brown sugar  at a 1/4 ratio.  Fresh minced garlic added as well.  brined for 5 hours.

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Just wonderful looking! So nice to see!!! Cheers! - Leah

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Looks great
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