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A coworker is bringing me some to smoke for him tomorrow, not looking to brine just hot smoke until 145ish, any ideas on a rub or seasoning for on it.

Been a long time since I have done any and I don't remember what I put on it then.

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i like brown sugar mixed with OldBay or cayenne
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Sounds fantastic! Date Sugar (just pureed dates) & Smoked Paprika is a really nice combo as well! Cheers! - Leah

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He brought me some seasoning his wife wanted used, they are in the smoker now, sorry no pics yet as i got home late and have a thing to go to tonight and i wanted them to cool overnight before i seal them up for him. I will get pictures of the finished product.


thank you for all your ideas I may have to go get some and do for myself.

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We have a Smoke Hollow electric smoker and want to smoke some salmon.

In the past, we used soaked chips and the water tray.

That was a disaster.

I'm reading on different threads to NOT soak the chips and possibly don't use the water tray.

Any suggestions?

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I have done them in my cookshack electric but that was a long time ago, I forget what I had on them but they were good no water or soaked chips, I know I did them at 250 until the internal was 145ish

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Thank you.
I've been looking at all the different threads and everyone has their own way of smoking.

I think we'll use dry chips and no water!!   

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I started by laying out my mats in the RT then put a mix of cherry and maple pellets in my Amazin Pellet Smoker thing, didn't use the tube this time just the one that looks like a maze I had a little over a row in it and it smoked for a bit over 2 hours. While the AMNPS was burning I took them out of the bags they were in, they were just caught thursday I believe. Rinsed them off and dried with paper towels put on this McCormicks seafood seasoning they wanted on them, then in the RT which was turned off. After 2 hours of just smoke from the AMNPS I turned the RT to 190 and started it up, once the internal temp got to about 115 I turned up the temp to 235 and finished them until they hit 145 cook time was about 4 hours 2 just smoke and 2 with heat. In the fridge now will take out tomorrow and plastic wrap and vac seal them and return them on Monday at work.

No before pics sorry about that but here is the finished product, the one fish was darker than the other one, I am guessing that may be gender related, I do not know.



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Looks great to me
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