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Why You MIGHT Just Try A "WHITE!"

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Greetings To All, and Happy Friday!!!


It is alas “Wine O’clock” over here, and so I raise my dear glass, and right to you!


As a woman who drank only RED wine, selectively, and for three bottle packed quite precious decades, nobody made more “urine sample jokes” (sorry, but true) or questioned, “How can one drink WHITE wine,” than I did.


Today that bit has changed!


And so, in the name of some mere "wine trivia" just to cap off the week, I thought I’d just share a couple reasons that WHITE wine, just MIGHT be, something you’ll enjoy from time to time, or at minimum consider giving a lovely try.


1. White wines have MUCH LESS histamines than red. This means that anyone who has sinus “issues & tissues” can happily drink WHITE and not be clogged and stuffed in that area the next day, or not nearly as much, as if drinking red. 


Similarly, when harboring a cold, choosing white can be more enjoyable, for this sinus cavity/head pain reason.


2. White wines dilate the face less than red. This means, for anyone who GETS very “red” when drinking wine, that such blushing will be again much less, and that if you suffer from broken capillaries or Rosacea or any skin “things” at all, which are of course exacerbated with wine, then your WHITE wine will serve all that jazz that much better. Considerably so!


3.  With a little less calorie count and often less sugar, commercial white wine can be a tiny bit more slimming to drink, than some reds. And so, if you care about that, or if someone in your life cares about your waistline as well, choosing white can be a good plight if you will.


Both whites and reds, and rosé selections too, pair exceptionally with SMOKED food – each being different depending upon what you’re smoking - and I am very happy to spill any details on how to EASILY “food & wine pair” in another thread, if anyone wishes?


Meanwhile, I’ve opened up my favorite kind of “white” today, which is White Burgundy from France.


White Burgundy by the way, is Chardonnay. (And Red Burgundy is Pinot Noir).


So there’s another sip of trivia, for those who want to order what they like from a wine list yet may not see the recognizable name that they know that they adore.


Thus if you like Pinot Noir and the wine list is all French, you may order a Red Burgundy from France and enjoy it greatly instead. The same goes for Chardonnay therefore and White Burgundy.


OK, enough of that, but DO make your evening spectacular and pop the cork off some wonderful dinner, and then smoke something that’s just sensational too!


Cheers and happy weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Leah

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Hi there - just joined this group - well I only joined SMF quite recently,

but hailing from the UK, I have always enjoyed wine - red and white mainly with the occasional rose.


Back in the 1980's, my father introduced me to a white wine, named Pouilly Fume, which I was wondering if I might find mention of it somewhere on SMF, but not so far.

Anyway, from what I've read recently, was named 'fume' for 2 reasons - one that the grape skin has a cloudy tonal quality, and two, that the bouquet does have a light smokey quality to it.

I have yet to try this wine with smaoked food, but I would imagine it to be a great accompanyment to some fish or maybe some chicken.

I will update this thread when I get it together, maybe sometime in the spring or summer.


Happy skokin'

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Andy, WELCOME!!!!!!


I'm thrilled you're here and I love hearing about what people discover, drink, throw on their smokers, and pair in that way! Fantastic stuff!


Indeed, you've got your pairings right in that the smoky essence of that wine is just delicious with many a smoked fish, poultry or even rabbit (depending upon how it is prepared) or one of my top ultimate favorites: smoked alligator. (I have some posts/threads with alligator which share cooking ways and flavors).


From the Loire Valley, your wine is made of "Sav Blanc" and often confused with Pouilly Fuisse which is white Burgundy and thus all made of Chardonnay. Two different tastes therefore yet similar names!


Since you enjoy the Fume, (made of Sav Blanc which tends to be a tad sweeter or if nothing else not as dry as the French Chardonnay), you may enjoy having that with shellfish (grilled or smoked lobster - of which I also oddly, do have threads/posts on even) or any shellfish which YOU do adore, as that style of wine is really lovely with such!!!


In any event, you sure have a fabulous palate! And I look forward to your posts and any shared anythings!


This is a group where everyone is welcome and it is fun!!!!


Thank you for saying hello! Keep doing!!!!!!!!!!


Cheers and warm wishes, Leah

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Hey usual is a pink like white zin and then most whites. Red wine makes my head feel like someone is holding basketball practice in there.

I do a lot of fish and cheese on the smoker and white wine will pair with them most of the time.



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Hi Brad!


That makes perfect pairing sense and too, the histamines in red (a zillion more than in white) can send one's head or nose or sinus entire "area" into oblivion or give the sensation that they are being mashed through a garlic press the next day!


For those not bothered by the extra histamines in reds; it then too comes down to "which reds" and therefore how many chemicals (which are not labeled by the way) are in each particular wine.


Buying "old world wines" (France, Italy, Greece, Germany, etc.) versus "new world" (America, South America, Australia, South Africa) can make a difference in preservatives often, but going higher in price with "new world" picks helps too.


I prefer affordable, dry, old world wines - mostly from Greece, Crete, Sardinia, and then some French as well. But to each whatever works! The key is to not only discovering what you love, but also what loves you, and your body, via the above info etc.


Anyway, here's to great food, wine, and neighbors - right? Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Leah

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