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Question about the curing/smoking process

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I did a wet cure following the "easy way" and went through the same process of the wet brine, fridge, cold smoke, fridge, and it then went to the freezer cuz I didn't have time to cut and eat it. 


After the 2 week cold brine, I went through the washing process and it was quite "jellylike" around the bellies.  Is that normal or am I still holding onto something that should go in the trash? 



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Did it smell bad?


Bad color?


If not then I would say normal.


I have brined many bellys and they all seemed slimy.

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I don't recall it smelling bad.  I've never gone through the process and just wasn't expecting the jelly-like/slimy coating when I pulled them out. 

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Who's brine did you use?
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Followed this method from beginning to end:

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That's what I used. You should be good.
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The jelly/slime thing happens and your meat is ok, just wash it down good. I can't remember the name for it but something like rope. But In have heard others who were worried about it and there is an explaination, but bottom line...... wash it and it will be ok.


I have even had it once when I used honey and maple in a cure. Don't know what caused it, but I have not used honey again. But those were sure some tastee Canadian bacon.

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As stated above. Your good to go. give it a wash then smoke away. Remember the Qview.

Happy smoken.


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Thanks for the feedback.  I'll try to cut it up this afternoon and have eat some.  It LOOKED great coming out of the smoker, but didn't want to end up with food poisoning or something without confirming this is an expected part of the process. 

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