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Hi Wade,

I got a FoxHunter BBQ Charcoal Smoker, it's a simple one but I hope that it would allows me to smoke some bacon, ribs, fish, chickens,...


My first 2 kg of bacon are been curing for about 6 days. I did a dry curing using salt, brown sugar, pink salt, black pepper, and some fresh garlic.


I have a question about wood, Can I use a "natural" wood direct from a tree?


My neighbor have an apple tree in there garden, and I was thinking to ask him for a branch and use it to smoke, instead of buying online...


Is it ok to use this kind of "fresh wood"?



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Hi Igor.  NOPE!  Sorry Mate.  No fresh wood.  You won't like the taste.  MUST be aged and dried.  It will ruin your bacon and hard work!  If you have other questions about the bacon, just start a new thread about your bacon on the Group page and we will be there for ya brother!  Keep Smokin!


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Hi Igor, wade might agree with me on this, it's ok to use "natural wood" but it needs to dry and bark needs to be removed.

Also six days seems a little quick to cure bacon, what thickness of pork are you using?

Smokin Monkey
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Sorry Danny, we must of been typing at the same time to reply, but same advice!
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If you asked your neighbour kindly for a branch from his apple tree, then cut it up into fist sized chunks, placed it in net bags and then stored it in your airing cupboard it might, be ready in 3 or 4 weeks time. As for bark, that's another ongoing hot topic which has been discussed and then re-discussed since time began.

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The bellys are curing for 6 days and I was planing to wash the curing off tomorrow, but i just ordered some apple and oak wood chips online and if they delivery it until friday I will smoke the cured bellys on saturday, if not I'll let them in the brine until sunday and then smoke it on monday... lets see!!

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If you are dry curing then I would leave it on for 10 days. It will not over cure.


For cold smoking bacon I actually use pellets in an AMNPS type generator which I found works well. Are you looking to hot smoke or cold smoke?


For wood - Bark on or off??? For cold smoking I would always remove it as the food is more sensitive to the smoke flavours. When hot smoking I usually leave it on. As has been said above though it should not be fresh wood.

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Hi Guys!
I finally did my first smoke last Saturday and the results were fine to me.
The bacon is really good with a delicious taste from the apple wood.

I smoked some ribs that came with the belly pork and some pork sausages that I made last week and was in the freezer.
I'm adding some pics, sorry if it is in the wrong place.
Tks a lot for the advices!

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Great looking bacon - nice colour too. How long did you smoke it for and at what temperature?

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I smoked it for about 3 1/2 hours using apple wood chips that I put inside a "aluminium foil envelope", the temperature was around 150F on the smoker thermometer and 70 C on digital one...

I used a bit less than 0.5 liter of wood chips... I dont know if was the right amount... it burns too fast and I had to put more and more... I'm thinking in use chunks next time...

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3 1/2 hours and used less than half a litre of chips.  That's roughly 150 grams , or about a small takeaway container by my reckoning.  That doesn't seem very much or  I must just be heavy handed.  

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Hello everyone. My name is Ian and I'm based in Wythenshawe, Manchester. I am a complete newbie to BBQ/Grilling/smoking I have done the usual burgers but also tried a duck (Spatchcock) and a couple of chickens (Beer Can) which came out good, also done chicken sticks wrapped in bacon and potato bombs (BBQPitBoys) <--wife love them.
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Hiya Ian welcome to the group, we are a small friendly group who are into all types of smoking, you name it and you will find that someone will have smoked it. If you want anything answering, just start a thread and you will get loads of different answers, all of them right but the hard part is deciding which method to use & whose advice to take. 


I am sure more of the group will be along shortly to introduce themselves.

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Hi and welcome Ian
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