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I have never had Cobia but your video makes me want to try it. I have had wine. Your video makes me want more!



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Thank you so much Disco!!


As always, you crack me up!!! Thank you for your fabulous humor - the world needs more of that indeed.


And happy incredible Thursday to you!


Cheers! - Leah

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Nice Job Young Lady! Another great Video. You talked about Smoking the Fish 25 and 30 minutes...What Temp is the smoker at and do you just go by time or do you monitor the IT of the fish. These are important details for your fans to reproduce the dish. Enjoy the rest of the week...JJ

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Well thank you so very much, Sweet Chef!!!! And happy Thursday to you!


You're talking to a gal who doesn't measure, or check the temperature outside before dressing even, and I just so wish that you could teach me such engineering details and also food safety lessons!


(I damn near got violent some days back, when merely slicing papaya, though am grateful to still have my extremities)! Perhaps I must chop slower??? Oh dear...


In any event, I'll indeed incorporate more detail about the temperature or timing and also show more cooking and so forth, and so stay tuned for THIS Sunday's early video, as it is going to be great FUN!!!


Meanwhile, make today delicious!!!! Cheers and warm wishes - Leah

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