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Halloween Qview

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Just some photos of my Halloween smoke.
3 racks of spares and a first time meatloaf.

First meatloaf

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Hello DaHookUp11.  Great looking Que.  Didn't the sauce leach through the trick or treaters' bags?  :icon_biggrin:  Keep Smokin!


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Haha, just a little! The sauce was nice and caramelized. Came out great.
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They look great I'm just confused I've tried the rib racks before....and I just don't agree with turning ribs with a natural bowl shape on their side....everytime I've used a rib rack they turn out dry cuz all the juice just runs out ....yours look great...maybe I'm not doing it right....I mean I have won a few events in ribs bit always membrane side upp for entire cook....without giving away secrets lol could u share...cuz I too would like to maximize quantity of cooking area
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Hey Smoke, thanks for the compliment and stoping by. To be honest I don't think I do anything different than the next person. I smoke ribs with a modified 3-2-1 method, I don't really ever hit the 6th hour, at 6, all the meat comes off the bone and I don't like the way the 3-2-1 works. I like bites that come rite off. My Ribs are smoked on the rack at 225-250 for 2-3 hrs. Sprayed every 15 mins. for the 1st hr. Then sprayed every 30 mins for the remainder of the smoke. After smoking, I'll wrap them for 1-2 hrs. in my mix: juice, honey, butter and Brown sugar on both sides of the spare. I keep temps at 250 for the remainder of the cook. When I'm satisfied with the meat pull from the bone then I unwrap and sauce the membrane side first and cook for 30 mins. membrane side up, then flip and sauce for the last 30 or so.
Hope I helped.
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No tricks in those treats! I love the smoke ring on your meatloaf.


Sure was a beautiful day for smoking!


There is a lot of smiles there.

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Thanks. It sure was.
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