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Ok, here we go.

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I grab-ed this 120 at a scrap yard today for 40 bucks. Looks in pretty good shape.


They must have just popped the valves out because it really stinks of propane bad!  As soon as I got back , I filled with soap and water so it can soak.   I'll work on fire box while it soaks for a week or two.


This one will be a compact trailer build with removable tongue , able to be wheeled into place by hand and not take up much room.  Basically..a tank with a firebox mounted on an axle with a small serving rack.  I have not decided if I will install propane rod or not.



Also, things have been really busy with business ( comes first) and I have not been able to get back to some of the questions people have asked .... I promise after the first of the month to do better at getting back to everyone.



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Reverse flow master!... cant wait for more...
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popcorn.gif .... no wait.. gonna need this one 110.gif .. and this beercheer.gif

all subscribed and ready for the ride...
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I'm in, look forward to the build...I am not done with mine and keep making notes on what to do different on the next build.

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Oh Yeah!


Be sure to chronicle the build!!!



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cheers to another great start!

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Can't wait to see another great build



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It will be Saturday before I start rounding up materials for firebox and putting design together. I have something in my head for a bit different air flow, but have not had a moment of piece yet to put much thought into it.  Spent the morning quoting a job at one of the theme park rides doing some machine work to it, yesterday was all about designing a car shredder guard. My minds on overtime right now, looking forward to getting back to simple things. ( call it my therapy )

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Understand completely  You gotta take care of business.  Glad you said something about doing something a little different. When we build, I am always thinking of different ideas, be interesting to see what you come up with, might want to steel some of yours on our next one. I had a couple of people ask where I came up with my ideas, I said I take bits and pieces of different smoker builds, mine and other peoples, put them together and see if they work. So far haven't had to make too many major corrections a few mods and tweaks here and there. Always looking to build a better smoker each time.  Keep us posted



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Didnt get too much done today, slept late and just did a bunch of measuring and thinking before I started cutting steel. Anybody got ideals for small springs for the axle, Im not sure how I will do that and keep it compact unless I have no springs, and I dont think that would be good.

I did get a firebox started. 24" x 24" x 18".  I think the rounded broke edges will make a nice touch. I will weld the seams from the back side also, ...another day, going to get some lunch and take a nap!


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Great progress for just a morning of work!


You might want to think about torsion axles, these are 1000 lb and the 1750 lb are only a few bucks more.

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Looking good



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Please provide your input.



  • Single door , or two smaller doors?
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R W   If you are going to cook pigs I'd go single door



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So how important is pull out racks to everyone?   I was thinking of not making this one with pull out racks because of the mess they make, and just install the serving shelf at the same level.

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Up to you ...... But you can always use an extra rack from time to time. You would have it if you need it.  Just my thoughts



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I was going to make the upper racks removable, but thinking of making the lower rack stationary and out of round stock like I did this one. Price is about the same for the expanded or round stock when it comes to stainless.


These racks have been so easy to clean,


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On my  SS gas grill the grates are round stock They were set into square tubing that was drilled so they could spin. Also have a grate cleaner tool that fits the round stock so you can run it up and down to knock off all the big stuck on stuff. The grates are removable




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I didnt think about drilling out the frame so they could spin,   thats a good ideal.

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What diameter is your stainless rod? Looks really nice.



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