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Pulled Pork for 40 ppl

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Wife's 65th B-day i a couple of weeks. We are going to have about 40 ppl over. Going to smoke some pork butt for pulled pork. Have no idea how much pork butts to cook. I know you lose about 30-40% so how many pounds should I start with.


Another thing is I am thinking of injecting it. Not sure what I am gong to use yet. Do any of you do this? What would you recommend?



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Hello dave.  Chef Jimmy posted some calculations you can use in another thread.  Take a look at that.  Hope it helps.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!


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3, 8 lb pork shoulders will cover will have some left overs

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Depending how you serve it...


I always assume 50% loss and 1/3rd pound per/person to be safe, nothing wrong with leftovers.


Using the 1/4 pound rule and a 50% loss during cook 20 pounds uncooked will give yo 40, 1/4 lb sandwiches.


I always suggest to folks to use slider rolls... you would be amazed at how many half eaten sanwiches will end up in the trash.


Rednecks suggestion would give you 48 sandwiches easy.

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Thanks for the answers guys. Still waiting for the final count. Will see in a week or so.


thanks again

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