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My 48 Frigidaire

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Cool story here. I have an old freezer top fridge bottom fridge that I was going to turn into a smoker. Its lined with plastic so it was going to be a lot of work. My idea was to take the plastic out and leave the insulation in then line it with fire brick. Well it would have cost just as much as buying a nice big smoker so it got put on hold.

In the time I spent not making a smoker out of a fridge our actual fridge died so we got a new one. We then had a free appliance drop off in town so I was taking in our broken fridge and someone was dropping off a 48 frigidaire so I asked if I could take it home and got it for free.

I got to work right away. Following posts with a quick explaination and picture.
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So here is how it came with the vanity missing on the bottom. I build the fire underneath the fridge. That will have more explanation a bit further down.
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Here I stripped out all the racks plastic and rubber. The door had a fiber board that I removed and replaced with plywood. There were screws holding the tub in which I removed and pulled out all the copper lines and wiring. I covered each hole that was more than a screw hole with thin guage steel and riveted in place. The old racks were galvinized with cadmium which is toxic. I'm not sure if the fiber board on the door was toxic so I removed it to be safe. The freon was already drained so I removed all the coolant lines from underneath the fridge also.
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I placed an 8" stove pipe in the bottom to the fire chamber.
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In the above picture I also placed a 3" smoke stack.
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Now I found that racks are premade to fit these fridges so that was convenient. I bent a pretty thick peice of steel to cover the stove pipe in the bottom to baffle the flame but let smoke and heat up.
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Again in the above picture I placed a magnetic door over the fire chamber for quick access to add wood.
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This is a temporary draft control until I buy my welder to put a plate on back. I will post more when I get that finished.
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I put two thermometers in there and found that in the 9" space there is a 50ยบ difference.
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If there are any questions or even suggestions please post them. All will be appreciated.
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Where did you find the per made racks at? I just picked up an old frige to convert.
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Janesville! I've been through there many times. I'm not sure if you have one near but I got it at Farm & Fleet.
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Thanks, I'll have to check
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