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Beef chuck in a wsm

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Having our first snowstorm of the year up here. That's not stoping our now almost tradition Sunday smoke. (I've smoked something at least every Sunday since I received the wsm for fathers day .

Running the ring full with a mix of maple briquettes and lump. The water pan is dry and foiled, and I put the roast in a pan with some beef stock.

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3hrs in internal temp is 111. Once it hits stall I will give it a tinfoil hat

It was amazing, juicy tender and smokey.
I followed suggestions of wrapping at 160, then taking it off at 185 or so and letting it sit in a blanket for an hour.
Total smoke time, 7hrs

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Very nice! I've smoked beef cuts in the same manner before and have always come out tender and juicy, I'm sure it was delicious.

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I highly suggest you look into a $45 6 ft. x 8 ft. welding blanket and some big spring clamps (look like big metal clothes pins). Wrapping your smoker in cold/windy weather will improve fuel consumption and it doubles as a wind break. Best of all it folds up small when not needed.

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