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Mouse in my Masterbuilt

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This past week I discovered that a mouse has been sneaking into my Masterbuilt Pro Dual Fuel smoker. I set a couple of traps under it, and then moved them inside hoping to catch him but no luck thus far. Today I went to check the traps and prep the smoker for a pork tenderloin and there he was staring at me as I opened the door. He crawled out and ran off before I could do anything.

I'm going to try some different traps and maybe even some glue boards to try and catch this sucker. Anyone else have issues with mice in their propane smoker? Any tips on how to keep them out other than keeping the smoker nice and clean? Any tips on best way to get rid of this one? I think he must be living inside a yucca plant or under a retaining wall nearby. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
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i have the masterbuilt electric. w/ door closed no way for mouse to get in. Any way to seal up the smoker?

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Leave a little tray of those green pellets.  They love em and it kills em graveyard dead.  Oh - remember to remove the little tray before you cook.

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