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Sheet load of smoked Salmon jerky

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Baking sheet that is.......

Since I brought home over 40# of king Salmon on Tuesday and then yesterday the wife and I brought home another 4 more fish, I felt it was time to make some more Salmon Jerky to help make room in the freezer for the newly acquired victims. This time though I decided to set aside a few pieces to do a sample tasting party during our next fishing trip, this coming Friday, outside the Golden Gate bridge,.

I coated (brushed) a few pieces with a heated, liquidified brown sugar bath and then a few more with a maple syrup glaze. Think I'll let Capt Jim and deck hand Christian help judge the samples. The two small white plates on top hold the special samples.

I must say the basic big batch is so damn good, why change it? Cause I love experimenting......


*Brine for 3 hours
*Dry for 2 hours
*Smoke with Apple & Alder for 2 hours
*Dehydrate for 5 hours
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Sure looking good there cmayna.  You are fortunate to have access to so much fish.



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:drool:Looks GREAT!

Happy smoken.


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Tasty!!!! You two sure have put a dent in the quota!!!
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If only you lived closer, I'd be feeding you big time.

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That's WILD!!!! So incredible to see, and even more amazing is how much fish you bring in!!! What incredible access!!!! That's terrific!!! Cheers! - Leah

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That looks mouthwatering great!


What is the recipe you use.  I am looking for salmon jerky recipes!

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I use the same dry brine recipe as I do with my Salmon filets and nuggets,using 1/4 (salt/brown sugar) ratio with fresh minced garlic.  Brine for 4 hours, rinse and room dry for 2 hours.  Smoke using Apple and Alder for 2 hours.  Dehydrate for 5+ hours.



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that looks outstanding!  How well do you think that would work with store bought salmon?  I can't get fresh salmon in Texas.

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I think it would work very well with store bought, but would be concerned with farm raised salmon which to me seems more fattier that wild caught salmon.

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Craig, that always looks very very good!    Maybe try chopping it up before you dehydrate it and add to whipped cream cheese and spread on beagles.  I love the lox flavored cream cheese and just can't get it anymore.


If we were only in CA again!!!



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I would not want to chop it any smaller than what it is, which for jerky sizing is already a little on the small size. 

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Sorry,  meant you should chop it up after. 





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