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My First Atempt at BBB

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Ok so this my first time making any kind of bacon.  I'm using Bearcarvers dry rub with TQ.  It's been in the bag since last Saterday.  My question is when I take out of the bag for the peticle to form I would like to brush it with maple slrup (bad spelling) and put some black pepper on it.  Would that work or should I have done that when I put it in the bag?  I'm going to start some more this weekend.  Randal's had pork butts on sale for 99 cents a pound, so I picked up three of them.

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I would apply the syrup and pepper about a hour or so before smoking.

Good luck
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Are you hot or cold smoking your BBB? The pepper will stick good before your pellicle starts to form so it works with hot or cold method.  The syrup works good when you start to get some color while hot smoking and drizzle a little on kind of like mopping ribs just brush a thin layer on. Also it will burn easy when you put it in the pan but since it is already cooked you really only need to warm it through. I never have added syrup when cold smoking so I don't know when the best time to add it.

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I plan on keeping the smoker temperature no hotter than 100F, so I guess that would be cold smoking.

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Be sure to post some Q-View of your smoke!



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It's suppose to rain here the next 2 days.  Will my bacon be OK to leave in the cure?  Sorry this is my first time doing this, don't want to mess it up.

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I have my bacon finished and in the freezer.  I took pictures, just have find the cable for the camera.  I haven't tried it yet.

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How do you like it?

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I haven't tried it yet.  I smoked it with apple for about eight hours.  It smell like a lot of smoke.  I hope it will mellow some.  Going to give it a try this weekend.  I need to see if my wife knows where that cable is.  It looks great and smells like bacon.

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We still can't find the cable for the camera.  We did try the bacon this morning.  My wife thinks it is too smoky.  We both thought it was a little too sweet.  We will be smoking some more latter.  This time I will do less smoke and increase the salt some to try and balance out the sweetness.  We added some garlic and black pepper while the pelicle was forming.  Neither of us could taste those in the finished product.   Will have to play around with it some.  I gave a package to a guy at work.  I'll find out on Monday what he thought about it.  Have to either figure out where we put the cable or go buy another one.  Overall I would say it was a sucess.  Not quite what we were looking for, but not a failure either.  Thanks for all the great information on this site.  You all are good at what you do.  We are still learning, more and more the more I read.

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