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Here are some progress photos ... alot has been done up to date and alot of hours. none of this would have been accomplished without the use of my buddies machine shop and my other buddies fabricating shop. majority of work and design was in the machine shop, the cutting, bending and welding of the aluminum face plate , door skin, and heater splash pan were done at the fabrication shop. i managed to burn a few holes myself ... some call it welding ...  ha haha

smoke generator on the left, works great.  nice piece of checker plate on a dolly to wheel this monster around, rack shelves in place, heat source (brinkman) in place


closer look at smoke gen ... just need a damper flap put on

side view showing fresh air vent, has a moving baffle that is spring loaded, same as my exhaust stack baffle, spring loaded to hold position... GOTTA LOVE ALL THE EXTRAS AND INGENUITY OF MACHINE SHOP DUDES !!!!!!
all of the metal and pipe used was scrap from the shops, the checker was mine and was left over from the floor boards in my river boat, the only real cost is the PID, aquarium air pump, brinkman heater, the 2 door latches,  and door gasket. not bad for what i will end up with ....


so thats the update so far ...... the insert to tie the inner tub to the outer freezer box is done and ready to screw into place, the inner door is skinned and will be putting the gasket on it tomorrow. had to cut the racks down a bit so some welding left on them. the air/heat diffuser is drilled and ready to mount on the inner top, checker needs to be mounted to the dolly,

waiting for my PID and then will get a nice side shelf bent up out of more checker plate, mount the temp probe.... THEN HEAT THIS SUCKER UP AND CURE THE INSIDE  :o
more to follow in the next days


thanks to all the great info and picks that i had access to on this site  :)


CHEERS !!!!!

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on the dolly it stands about 6'6" tall cause i have to tippy toe to see the top of it.

finished the build, seasoned it today and gonna do up a pork loin tomorrow for dinner ..  :0)
here are some pics .

NEEDED A NAME SO I CALLED IT "GOLIATH" ... my old pro wrestling name ...  ha ha ha

it needs 1 more coat of paint and im sure i will put the name on the door too just for a topic while we drink some beer in the shop.

vented out my shop door cause its already freezing outside here !!!!

lined the hole with another 4" piece of metal pipe to run the 3" thru. made a nice clamping bolt thru setup to plug it up when not in use.

smoke generator working, can really puff it up or just let it trickle, good control of it !

stove bricks in the bottom to retain heat. heat deflector in the  top.

and smoking out the stack as it should. i am quite pleased with it ... BUT ALOT OF HOURS !!!!!

came in less $$$$ than a 30" Bradley as i had some metal donated for some future bacon, and the use of a machine shop was a bonus.

needed a project as i am retired.

will be interesting to see what it cooks up compared to my  MES 30 .,.

fired it up to 300 today for a few hours, took a little over an hour to get there, it was 40 degrees in my shop so i am happy with how it heated up



and because of the help and info on this site i think i have a successful unit.

more pics of the 1st smoke tomorrow or monday

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That is fine looking smoker. You will enjoy it . Good job.
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THANKS fish killer

you held my hand thru alot of the process....

gonna be smoked scalloped potatoes and smoked pork loin for the christening today  :0)

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That looks great, now get smokin and show some qview   oooooohhhhhhhhhh   yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa LOL

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Looks fantastic! Very professional looking build.

You'll have a lot of fun with that one.  


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a full run of pics of the finished build. was getting some PM'S for info so i decided to throw up all the pics ......



generator, good view of vent flaps

unit is 20" tall, 4 x 4 metal, on a 3" 5 x 5 metal ash box, and a 5 x 5 lid that just sits on it

roof vent with elbow on it to hook up my heat duct to vent outside ...  ha ha ha

nice tray to hold pid and what ever else you want to put on there

full view with heat deflector in the top

the unit torn down, everything just stalks on itself, the ash box has some angle iron welded up so the tower can sit nice, the bottom of the tower has some mesh to hold the chips/ sawdust.... and it carries up into the tower so when you open the top vent everything doesnt pour out. the top vent is for lighting it. the bottom is to draft from under. this was a mod i mad after the 1st smoke..

heat deflector.

the checker plate is screwed in to cover some racking holes that were small square things, and quite a few so instead of silicone i covered with the plate. you will see black bolts in the tub in spots, thats where i plugged the holes.

another of the generator and flange 1"OD pipe into 1 1/4 ID pipe

ventury and a spring that hags down just so the chips dont pack so tight. saw this on the big "smoke daddy" unit

SS marine latches

door gasket

door gasket

fresh air vent

whole bottom end, smoke on the left, air on the right. above the bent steel is where i can put a container of fluid. brine, apple juice ... what ever. i have 2 flat pices of aluminum that are drilled and fit over the ready rod and the tub fits between them  and is supported be the outside lip of the tub. (should have put it in)

last time i smoke i just put the tub on the big drip pan sitting above the burner on the 1st rack

and wood stove brick, helps retain heat if you open the door

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That is a thing of beauty! I really wish I could smoke indoors!

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