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First Brisket

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It's just a little feller my wife surprised me with, 2.88 lbs.

Here it is rubbed and ready for some smoke:


I gave it some salt pepper, paprika, Cajun seasoning, onion & garlic powder.


It went in at 11:00, I'm guessing around 5 hours should do it.

Stay tuned!

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I'm in.

Happy smoken.


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What year is that Vette David?

Mines a '76.

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First peek, 2 1/2 hour in.

IT 160. Smooth sailing so far!

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Looking pretty from here!



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Well, how did it turn out ?



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Still smokin.

It's stalled at 172

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Its 5:30, temp up to 190. Temp has been 220 all day, I think I will bump it up a liitle.

The natives are getting restless!

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It took seven hours to cook, plus an hour rest. meat came out moist and tender, very tasty. 


served with barbeque beans and garlic mashed potatoes, covered in smoky au jus made from the drippings.

Next time I need to get a bigger brisket, 4 of us finished it off easily.

Thanks for looking!

- Jay

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