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Need advice on overwintering poblanos

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Guys I need some advice. I have several excellent poblano plants that I want to overwinter. I have cut them back some already but I'm pretty sure they need some more. Thing is I don't know how far is safe. I'm not interested in getting more peppers this year. I just want to save the plant. Here is what I have now.


I would like to remove at many leaves as possible to eliminate bug problems. If you look you can see that the main stem doesn't branch off until about 12 inches up on many of the plants. I don't know if I need to keep the "y" in the main branch, if I can cut cut the whole thing back to a 4 or 5 inch nub. Or if I need to leave some leaves. Any and all advice is requested.

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I wanna know too.....your plants look happy.


I know my cayennes loved this year....and they are huge!



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