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Tri-Tip Oscar

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I entered this in a throw down on another site.  Wish me luck!


I used a 2 lb Tri-Tip spiced with a combo of Weber Chicago Steak Seasoning, Penzy's BBQ of the America's, and one chunk of Oak.



The cook's beverage of the day was an English Brown Ale, the Tri-Tip was seared then brought to 130*F.



I blanched Asparagus Spear Tips and folded them into Lump Crab along with Old Bay and SWMBO's homemade Mayonnaise.  I slices toast points from a French Baguette and lightly toasted them with an herb and garlic butter.



The Tri-Tip was sliced and placed on toast points, the Lump Crab mixture was added and toasted.



I finished the dish with a dollop of SWMBO's Mayonnaise and a pinch of Old Bay.



Thanks for lookin at my cookin.

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OOOOOO.....that looks like wonderful to me!





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Looks awesome!! I love the mayonnaise Idea. Filet Oscar is one of my favorite guilty pleasures, but your implementation looks even better.

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Winner winner Tri Tip dinner! Good luck. . But in my opinion we won (I saw we cause I want to take some credit for that fabulous meal... even if I had nothing to do with it! biggrin.gif )
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Thanks folks!
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