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best wireless thermometer?

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So I'm looking at different wireless thermometers and was wondering if anyone has had a good experience with them and which ones are any good...even if its not a wireless just looking for a new toy. (shhhhhh...dont tell the old lady that though)

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A lot of people here use the maverick Et732 including myself. Has two probes one for meat and one for the cooker. It is wireless. You can find them at one of our great sponsors.
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Thermapen, iGrill, and Maverick seem to be the most popular. Thermapen has a Bluetooth thermometer but is pro grade and the price point shows it. iGrill is bluetooth so you need a device to recieve the data and Mav is a radio receiver/xmitter which are both consumer grade so are both more reasonably priced. There are lovers and haters of each. I have both and they work as advertised. There are others out there but these seem to get the most press.
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I love my two Maverick's.

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Maverick.....10-4...I was looking at them earlier and it seemed that it was 50/50 on wheather or not people like them...I was hoping that they were gonna get a good review here but I wanted to ask others that are doing the same as I

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I also have the igrill but haven't had great luck with it's signal strength,  so for now, I'm staying with the trusted Maverick. Going to use it again this weekend.

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I went through 5 POS Accu-Rite untis from one of everybody's favorite sports and outdoor stores and all of them failed in the excat same way within three times of using them. I finally broke down and ordered the Maverick 732 and have never looked back. It has preformed flawlessly and I've come to rely on it almost to the point of it being a life support system :-) As a matter of fact I just received from Todd a second one because I often cook multiple meats that need IT monitoring and/or am cooking on multiple cookers that I need to monitor. The key to longevity is do not submerge the probes in water to clean them. They will go FUBAR if they get saturated. I use lens cleaning wipes for eyeglasses to clean the probes and they work great.


My .02 and getting change back,


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I have heard that about the probes thanks for the advice...everyone here is pretty much confirming what I was thinking...

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I love my Maverick and got it from Todd here.  AND...I love my thermapen. I use both all the time.



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I love my maverick. I have been hinting around to the wife about the thermo pen for Christmas!!!
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I've got one of them also.  Fantastic device.

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I see a lot of mention of "Todd". Who's Todd?
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Originally Posted by Smoke_Chef View Post

I see a lot of mention of "Todd". Who's Todd?
He's the owner of A-Maze-N Products and is a sponsor here. Not to mention a good guy.
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Thanks Bama... I'm familiar with the brand. I just didn't know Todd as the guy behind the brand. Thanks for the quick reply.
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Just had my birthday this past sunday and the wife got me a maverick....I have it working on a brisket at the moment. I'm pleased with how its working so far. Very excitied.

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I would like to say that this thermometer is the best one ive ever used....I have never had an easier time keeping track of my meat temp and I have never ever ever ever had such an easier time keeping track of my grill temp....thanks to this thermometer I've been able to see when the  temp was starting to go down and make sure that it didn't. Awesome little deal thats for sure

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Maverick ET-732  Gets my vote. I LOVE it.........Gotta replace 1 of the probes as the dog could smell the meat and smoke on it and thought it would taste good.

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cant really blame the dog on that one can you?

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Just ordered my Maverick ET 733. Today off Amazon , didn't know I could get it here ( sorry Todd ) depends on how I like it , will be purchasing another soon ..... Just built me a vertical 120 gallon old propane tank smoker plan on doing a brisket this weekend ....... I even ordered with overnight shipping I wanted it so bad ......
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Getting ready to purchase my first meat thermometer for meat and ambient temps. Lot of ET732 talk but should I go with the updated 733?? Want to make the best bang.
18" WSM
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