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Have some 1-1/2 inch pork chops in the smoker.  Using a ECB smoker and have raised the coal grill up about 2 inches and changed from briquettes to lump hardwood.  Problem is temp in way to high and the chops will be done to early.  Question is can I take them off when they're done and wrap them for an hour?  Will they dry out?

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Wrap away......  they will be fine....  Double wrap in foil and cover with a towel to keep warm....



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Sorry I didn't reply earlier, was trying to get ready for the Dodger game.  We ended up eating early and everything came out OK.  Chops were really good.  Used some Rufus Teague's sweet honey sauce to finish them off.  I think my main problem was to much fuel in the smoker.  Should have used about 1/3 of what I did (maybe even 1/4).  It's been 6 hours since I fired it up and it's still holding at 225-230.  Here's a shot of the meat on the plate.

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K2, that chop looks perfect!!! Slightly pink, and oozing with natural juices from the cut. Gotta love it!!!


You will find that lump does burn much hotter than briquettes, so fire control is even more critical. If using the minion method, placement and amount of hot coals, as well as reserve fuel, may take some experimenting to get a happy medium of moderate heat and continuous long burn time, when needed. You might find that using a dozen or less hot briquettes to get your lump started will be easier to judge than tossing a couple chunks of hardwood lump into the chimney and hoping it's the right amount. For shorter smokes like your chops, you can definitely use much less reserve fuel. You'll nail it down better with each successive smoke...smoke and learn, and, most importantly, enjoy the resulting eats!!!




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Thanks Eric.  I'm just learning and yes, heat control with a ECB smoker is definitely a challenge.  Picked-up some weber vents and will be making mods as soon as I can get some time to do them.  Also want to seal off the lid.  Again, thanks for the comments.

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K2, morning...  Glad it all tiuned out good......  Looks good....   Dave  

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Those look mighty fine to me, love pork chops



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