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Masterbuilt Models 22070213 or 20070910

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This will be my first electric smoker purchase.  I've narrowed it down to one of the above smokers.  Recommendations please.

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I have a old style MasterBuilt 30" with a new controller.  I only use it as an inclosure for cold smoking because of poor temp. control.  A lot of folks on here love there MasterBulits.  I think it's a good box for cold smoking.

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I have the 40" model with the window two years old. It is actually number 20070211 but there are so many numbers that I don't know them apart by that method.  I suspect the "...0910" unit is a 30" model, don't have a clue about the other one.  


I love mine.  It has a remote that is useful to show you what is going on without having to go out to the smoker and a window to clean.  They make a 30" that is about the same and both 30 and 40" models that have no window.  I thought the 30" would be perfect, but they had the 40" on sale for about the same price so I bought it and have been thankful ever since.  I can smoke two burgers, or a mixed package of 40# of meat in it and it works fine.  There is a bit of a hot spot on the top shelf over the heater, but I just check it a couple times and move stuff around a bit if necessary. 

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