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Hello all,


This morning when I was cleaning the firebox out, I noticed a couple of solid items of what looked like rock among the pile of ash in the firebox.  I recently switched brands of lump charcoal, but have never noticed this before.

Has anyone else noticed rocks among their ash when using lump charcoal?

I am assuming that these pieces are part of the chemical reaction of the carbonization of the lump coal.

But, they look a lot like the landscaping rock that I have in the backyard.


BTW, I am attempting my first smoked ground turkey meatloaf.  Wish me luck!

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Originally Posted by lsmoguy View Post

Hello all,


BTW, I am attempting my first smoked ground turkey meatloaf.  Wish me luck!


Did you wrap in bacon to hold it together? If not what binder did you use? I like smoked turkey, and had thought about this before.

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Hello Ismoguy.  I have run across that same thing myself.  Almost like burned ( black ) petrified wood.  Maybe someone smarter than me will enlighten us both.  Keep Smokin!


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Thanks for the replies!


No, I thought about the bacon weave, but trying to stay healthy (ironically enough with the sides we eat with the meat I smoke), I decided against the bacon weave.  I mixed jalapenos, onion, green pepper, garlic, and the other standard ingredients in with the ground turkey meat.  And, plan to top it with BBQ sauce 1/2 hour before I pull it off the smoker for a little more taste.


I will post pictures when the cook is complete.


Thanks for the PM tips Danny!

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As promised, here is a picture of the final product.


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Dang that looks pretty dang tastee! Did ya make a lot of smiles?

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