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Pork Loin with AMNPTS

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Ok, here was today's test smoke with a 5.95lb boneless pork loin and a newly acquired AMNPTS 12" preloaded with Oak Pellets. I am including the altitude for whom ever had a question about the performance of the AMNPTS at higher altitudes. Pueblo West, Colorado Altitude 4,960, Only issue was due to operator error.



The set-up in the MB Dual fuel/door.


4hours at 250 degrees with IT of 135, then foiled for 1hour.


End result was a moist and juicy Pork loin.  The rating was five star from kids and wife.


The best part was my daughter bet me she could guess my rub ingredients and injection. This challenge was accepted and dad lost. My daughter has a great pallet. She wants to become a Chef.  Hope you all enjoy the Q View.


Have a great weekend.

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That looks great, and congratulations to your daughter, what did she win? Maybe her own smoker.

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Thank You shtrdave, She won 5 bucks and she gets to go to the homecoming dance. Unfortunately she is turning more girl than my tomboy i had :th_crybaby2:

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No kids here, but i kind of understand, they all grow up to hopefully make their parents proud of them and the job they have done raising them.

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Nice loin, I will only eat loins smoked. Bet the gamily had a big smile and thats what its all about.


LOL... as to the daughter, remember how uneasy you were when you picked up your date and had to meet the family? I would laugh when my sis started dating. House rule was a date was not ever met, he must pick her up at the front door, and be introduced. I would always have to turn my head so they didn't see me laugh. Baby sisters were alot of fun.

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Thanks Foamheart, i had a older sister and that was our unspoken rule too. lol.  Just not ready to c my only girl grow up. But on the other hand how else do you get em out of the house. Especially when your dad is hooked on SMOKING MEAT! good day.

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Great looking loin! Tell your daughter that she is lucky to have that skill.



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Thank you Disco i sure will

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Disco always sees the big picture, I would have said she was lucky to have a Dad who can cook like that! LOL

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I'm in Colorado Springs, about 6200ft and I have given up on the pellets. I can get them to work with some effort in my mes 40 but I'm always worried they will go out. I've switched back to dust and it works great. Your loin looks tasty!
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Thank u meddlingkids, i didn't have any real issues with pellets in the amnpst. I run a MB propane smoker. I am at 4690 in Pueblo West so far so good.
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My guess is that the propane smokers probably have better airflow than the electrics.
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