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Quick brisket temp question?.....

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I have a 10lb brisket on now and have two temp probes in.  One is in flat side and other is in thick point.  I have about a 20 degree difference between the two of coarse the point being the lowest.  My question is which one do I go by for correct IT?? I dont want to go over on one side to get the other to temp.  Any help would be great 

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Go with the one that reaches your desired temp first, then if you want you can seperate and continue cooking the other piece. HTH
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OK sounds good! Thanks Bama

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I should add that temp is an indicator of doneness to start checking for tenderness.
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I am at 173 in flat at this point and 160 now in the point.  I got this in the smoke about 515 and it s now 920......4 hours and no bark!!  Way to fast and only at 240-250.  Should I wrap this or just let it go,  and will it dry out if I dont wrap it??

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And higher temps like 240-250 you're going to see your meat stall at a higher temp. That thing might not stall till 180 and it may stay at 180 for 2-3 hours.

You can either wrap it or not wrap -- that's a chef's choice - and there are strong opinions in both camps.
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I did wrap my last brisket and it was done alot earlier than expected which is in the situation I am in now.  I wouldnt mind it stalling right now so it would take some smoke and bark but I also dont want it to dry out.  I plan on doing burnt ends also so should I wait for it to be done finish temp  or should I seperate and rest the tip a bit now (175) and start those?

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Just did a re check and my flat is actually at 158 and the tip is at 178....I guess I had the probes mixed up so the flat is actually lower than the point.  That seems strange to me but never know with meat I guess

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I'd take it to completion then do burnt ends. If you normally wrap and it is your go-to method I see no reason to change today unless it is your intention to experiment.
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Yup I think im gonna do something different and go no foil this time.  bought this piece for 1.68lb so good one to try something on.   Should I pull it at 190 or closer to 200?

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I LOVE experiments! You should start checking for tenderness about 190* IMHO. YMMV

Look forward to the outcome.
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