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bacon/sausage for beans

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Ive seen alot of baked bean recipes but its always either sausage or bacon...has anyone tried to put both in with their bean recipe?

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The way I see it you can add just about anything you like!  Something else you may want to think about is adding some leftover smoked pork butt or brisket.


My advice is to try Dutch's wicked baked beans and try it with bacon & sausage!


Here is some help finding the recipe!  Dutch's Beans


Good luck,



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thanks ill let you know how it goes because thats exactly what im doing...kind of a hybrid of dutches wicked beans....minus the pineapple 

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When I make Dutch's wicked baked beans, I have used Pulled pork, Sausage links cut small, and bacon, I even have used Buckboard bacon as well as Canadian Bacon.
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