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Tri Tip question

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Gonna do a Tri Tip tomorrow, Should I use the Green Egg or the Rec Tec pellet smoker? Both have their advantages. Just wondered which one would be the best option. I guess I could smoke it on the pellet until I reach an internal of 120* and then finish it to 135* and put a nice sear on it with the egg? Just looking for suggestions! And thank you!

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Either way.  I have only done my Tri's on the Weber.  Did mine like a steak and man was it good!



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I vote option 2 for the max smoke penetration......oh wait we can't vote here!
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Thinking of applying the rub tonight, pouring a little worcestershire and hot sauce in a vacuum bag and vacuum packing it until tomorrow. When I get it out I will apply a little more "light" rub for color and caramelization and throw it on. 

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Sounds good to me. I wanna see that RecTec in action so plz post lotz of qview.....Willie

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I'm with you on the smoke then grill idea. I love tri-tip done that way......



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My opinion would be that both ways would be great.  Need to flip a coin on that one.  Tri's are great cooked hot and fast as well as slow and low.


good luck.


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The Egg will do it all!  Smoke it then crank it up and about 2 or 3 minutes on each side.


Be sure to post Q-View!



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I just did my first Tri TIp, I found it on sale in a bag marinade applied. I smoked it with apple at 200, Shoulda finished it on the grill, I pulled it at 135, Wrapped in foil and a beach towl and let it rest for about 3 hrs,,,,, Very tender, Won't get another in a bag like that. I use y own rubs. The low temp smoke was great,,, but the color was dissapointing,,, Use the grill. I took a couple pics but it was the same color goin in as it came out.
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The tri tip, as made famous in Santa Maria, was grilled over local oak wood.  Commonly called red oak, but I believe it a slightly different variety of coastal oak.


Try smoking it to within a few degrees of your target and finish with a quick reverse sear over hot coals.  You will like it.


Being a traditionalist, I grill most of mine over a medium hot direct heat with the lid closed. Not exactly the way they were done in Santa Maria, but it does add some additional smoke flavor.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Indirect with Oak and Cherry smoke is my vote.

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