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Masterbuilt 72070206

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Hi guys, I'm hoping someone can help me out identifying my new purchase. I just picked up a very slightly used Masterbuilt digital smoker from a Craigslist post. As in the title model number I am trying to find out if this is a 30" or 40" smoker. It does have 4 racks and was sold through the NWTF National Wild Turkey Federation. Also the MFG Date is GH04721. Was this made in 2011? I hope someone on this forum can tell me about this smoker.


BTW This is my second smoker, I've had a Big Chief Smokehouse cold smoker for about 2 years now and have really enjoyed it.

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Here's a pretty good list


1st GEN (30 inch units)

72070206 * door/* Win, * body, 650 or 800 watt HE, no HE access door, * WCT






SS=Stainless Steal

MP=Meat Probe

RC=Remote Control

IL=Internal Light

HE=Heating Element

WCT=Wood Chip Tray


W/H= wheels and handle

*= unknown

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So I have a 2006 design 30" smoker! The smoker looks like it was hardly used, it's pretty clean inside. I seasoned my cold smoker by coating the inside with grape seed oil. Should I do anything to this one or just start smokin'?

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