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MES in Winter and Storage

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I'm wondering how everyone stores their MES for the winter. I just picked up one of the 40" electric windowed models. Looking back on some of the older threads, it looks like there's a lot people from Florida/Texas here...which doesn't quite compare to the cold we get on the Prairies up in Canada :)

I'm thinking of possibly building a little vented shed for winter smokes, but might wait to see how it fairs first.

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My smokers stay in the basement.
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I live in CO and we have a gambit of weather here. Mine is in a home made cabinet and it's been there almost since I got it. I do have a covered smoke stack coming out of the cabinet above the smoker vent and a piece of vent pipe from the smoker vent to the smoke stack. (Can't see it in the pics)

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Mine sits in my non water or air tight, but covered shed, whenever I am not using it.  Comes out the day of the smoke, goes in at the end of the smoke.  It gets washed up and out in this shed.  This is standard backyard garden shed, nothing more, made of wood.  I also have the cover for the smoker and after it is clean, usually a day or two after the smoke is done.  My drip pan, racks, grease catcher, stove mitts, water pan, all sit, secured or hanging from nails in the rafters of this shed.



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