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Smoker Rack for a WSM

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About a year ago I saw a guy on Facebook who had made himself an aluminum rack to hang products from to smoke in his WSM and thought it was a pretty cool contraption. Now today he contacted me letting me know he went ahead and is now marketing the product. Problem is he is in Denmark and if I understand our countries money exchange rate correctly the prices are $112.80 for the 18.5" WSM and $168.15 for the 22.5" WSM. He is suppose to contact me tomorrow with a shipping quote on the 22.5" Smoker Rack and I wanted to hear others opinions on this set up.
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That's. pretty cool. Looks well made too. Turns your WSM into a pit barrel smoker , huh?
You know , man , if it was me I'd wait until someone in the U.S. makes one. That is a lotta dough and the shipping is bound to be big money. But , I mean , if you gotta have it and money is no object it does look nicely crafted....and it's a real neat idea. Just my 2 cents . grilling_smilie.gif
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