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"instant" read thermometer

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i've narrowed my search down to two models


The ES432 Ultra-Fast Water Resistant Pen Shape Stem Thermometer


or the thermoworks


RT600C Super-fast Water-resistant Digital Pocket Thermometer


does anybody have any experience with either? Reviews on amazon are about the same wondering if anybody here has any opinion on either?

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Thermapen is the way I went...very accurate, durable...they occasionally offer open box sales....

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I have a Therma Pen....bought it when they do a twice a year sale.  Love it!



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I have a couple of CDN instant reads that are very accurate but a little slow, 6-10 second response time and a Thermapen that has a 3 second response time. I like the response time of the Thermapen but it is big and hard to open. I still find myself grabbing my favorite CDN just because of it's ease of use. I can usually wait that extra 4 or 5 seconds!
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Originally Posted by KathrynN View Post

I have a Therma Pen....bought it when they do a twice a year sale.  Love it!



i emailed them to get on their list, i'll have to try and grab one when on sale. for now i may go the CDN route as advised by S2k

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 I'd go with the RT600C based on the quality of the Thermapen. Gotta figure they're made by the same company so odds are it's a quality product.

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Check out the EXTECH 39272. I have been having mine for a few years now and at Half the cost of Therma pen.

Works Great.

Jerry S.

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