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91/2 pound pork Boston Butt Roast

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Injected with apple juice and some of my rub.  Put rub on then let sit in fridge overnight.  Took Jeffs rub and tweaked it to our liking.  Put in Masterbuilt XL smoker at a temp of 275.  Used apple wood chunks and cherry wood chips.  Ran smoke for 5 hours pulled at IT of 157 and put in foil pan with apple juice and covered with foil.  Put back in smoker util It reached 205 this was approximately 9 hours in smoker, then wrapped in towels and in cooler.  Checked an hour later and IT had dropped to 175.  Still had a couple of hours before it was time to eat so I put the foiled pan in a 200 degree oven till time to eat.  Pulled out and IT was at 197, pulled apart added the juice from the pan and some bbq sauce.  


From Fridge after sitting overnight.




After 5 hours of smoke





All done ready to pull





All pulled ready to eat.



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Looks really good!!!
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OK, now I"m hungry! Good looking pork.



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