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difference in chicken

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We smoked 120 lbs of  leg 1/4s last Saturday for a charity car show.

Went to the store to get the wings and we brought all they had thawed. There were 2 different colored bags .Both 10  lbs and both labeled chicken leg 1/4s. was red bag  ( smaller 1/4s) and yellow bag , (slightly larger 1/4s). We separated the thighs and legs

 We smoked 4  loaded  racks in a lang clone at 220 - 240 for 5 hrs. we timed it by the loaded rack.

The 1/4s from the red bags were perfect ,dripping w/ juice and tender. the 1/4 s from the yellow bags were juicy but tough, put the 1/4s from yellow bags back on for 2 more hours .Still juicy but TOUGH. I remember mama talking about never buying a hen unless you were going to boil it tender.

 Anyone know the difference in the chicken in the different color bags? If they were hen wings would there be a difference?

The brand name was the same for both colors of bags.

  Thanks , Bob

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I'm thinking it is going to have something to do with the age of the birdth_dunno-1[1].gif

Happy smoken.


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what brand of bird was that? possibly sorted by age of bird.
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Maybe they were laying chickens and not meat chickens      :confused:

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hell maybe u just got a bag o' rooster! lol.
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