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My first butt

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I had a "picnic cut" shoulder to smoke and my mother in law asked me to smoke a butt, so I decided to do them both at the same time. I hadn't attempted to do a any shoulders sections yet so I, once again, relied on my smoking friends here for advice. It turned out spectacular! Thank you all for posting your pics and advice/tips! SMF is such a great place! Here is my Q-view:



Gimme some rubbin':


All rubbed up and ready to soak up that wonderful applewood smoke:



After approximately 11 hours of salivating it was ready to come out:





I can't wait to do more! I did brine in applejuice, brown sugar and kosher salt the night before, and rubbed with Jeff's rub. This was mated with Granny's potato salad and sister in law's pumpkin roll for dinner. Let's just say there were some happy stomachs afterward!

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:drool: Looks GREAT!

Thanks for sharing.

Happy smoken.


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Thanks, David!


I forgot to mention, the cracklins I made from the skin on the picnic cut were pretty darn good too! I saved the shoulder bone and some of that smoky fat to throw in some soup beans at a later date as well. :drool

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That's some really Good looking pulled pork!!!!
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Very nice.

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Originally Posted by c farmer View Post

Very nice.


Originally Posted by S2K9K View Post

That's some really Good looking pulled pork!!!!


Thank you!

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What temp did you smoke these at? I plan on doing 2 pork butts in the ECB on Wednesday.
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I smoked them at 235-250. They were so moist and pulled right apart.

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