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sausage summer

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started grinding and stuffing at eight this morn. started
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all in smoker, including some italians for supper. At 11.45all
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looks like your off to a great start.......:Looks-Great:



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texas.gifHello from East Texas. This is a great site, lots of information and great people that are willing to throw in their two cents worth on about anything.    WOW   looks great, can you send some to East Texas  !!!!




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coming along nicely, meat temp, -138.coming
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Try Gary Ill
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All finished perfectly.All
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Those look great!  What temp did you smoke at?

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here's one cut open, kept temp. Between 170_ 180, smoked till internal temp. was 155, then cold water bath, to stop cooking, aboit 7 hrs. heres
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60% Venison 40% pig fat,lem product cures. dat faon
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Looks GREAT! nice color. What all did you put in them?

Happy smoken.


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Looks too much like pepperoni or similar tasting sausage.  I am not a fan at all of that taste.

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That turned out nice. I have never tried making and smoking homemade sausage Might give it a try. Would have to come up with a different smoker if they need to be hung.



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Don't have to hang, Ive smoked em on a horizontal, New Brunsfel, smoker, just have to watch the end near the fire box. 40% pork 60% venison, lem products summer sausage spices, citric acid.
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Looks awesome! What type of ingredients did you use?  I love pepperoni and such, how'd it taste?

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Cool !!   I may give it a try.



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Tastes better than anything you can buy.
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