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Need help identifying peppers

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My mother in law brought some peppers home from work.  I know what the jalapenos and habaneros are, but I am trying to identify the red and green wrinkly peppers.  I took a bite out of one for fun and I swear to all things holy, I thought I was going to die.  After some investigation, it looks like a ghost chili.  Any other thoughts?


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I agree. I have never grown them myself, but I have seen them at the farmers market and they look just like that. It was the record holder for hottest pepper until recently.

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You got it.......  Bhut Jalokia or Ghost pepper....  That looks like them.....   Does your MIL not like you ??  LOL    A courtesy "HEADS UP" would have been nice.....      

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My mother-in-law didn't know what they were. The person at work that gave them to her said they were too hot for her to eat.
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i just can't get over how hot it was.  One of the peppers had a bad spot and needed to be used so I just took off a bite and swallowed.  head-wall.gif

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Correct the green one is the same pepper as the red one it's just not ripe yet and they are both HOT

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I'm going to break out the ole food dehydrator tomorrow to throw on the ghost chilis and habaneros plus the 10-15 habs i already have in my garden that are ready to go.  I smoked habaneros a couple of weeks ago and made some crushed habanero flakes.  Maybe I'll do that again?

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At a few of the Gatherings we have made a few habanero and scotch bonnet ABT's and some people actually liked them a bit too hot for my tastes tho

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habs are hot, but i do LOVE habanero abts.  i can eat them without ruining my day.  this bite of ghost chili about ruined my night.....but i loved every second.

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Did you say......."PLEASE....come on Ice Cream?"


Giggle...and Bless your heart...or your mouth!



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Just threw these Habs (and a few from my garden) and Ghost Chilis on the dehydrator a few hours ago.  The pain that keeps on giving!  Also managed to save a bunch of seeds from the ghost chili i ate last night.  Looks like we'll be having ghost chilis in the smokingreg house next fall!


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Greg, morning.....  Nice looking tray of "pain"....  Someone will really like them...  I've heard they are very good...  I will never know....   Dave

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Yup ,that is a nice looking bhut jolokia. That's what I was supposed to have bought this year. I just clicked in to the garden section to post a pic of my own " Mystery Pepper"

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