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Extras to go with WSM

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We're getting a WSM 22 for Dads bday. We're thinking of using it Sat. I'm going to order Jeff's book. What else should I get to make it the best it can be?...thermometer system? Smokenator? Thanks
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No need for a smokenator!


Just buy some good charcoal - I use Mr. Stubbs, some wood chunks for smoking - mesquite, hickory, apple, cherry, and oak are good to start with.


For a thermometer system I would go with the Maverick ET-732.  It has a probe for the pit and one for the meat - great unit!


Another thing you might want to consider is buying some grommets to pass the temperature probes through.  There are a couple ways to do this, you can buy the grommets that replace the bolts that hold the rack brackets or you can drill a hole in the side and use lamp hardware for a homemade deal.


Good luck and make sure you take some pics of the happy occasion.



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You don't need any mods right out of the box to cook on the WSM . Like PG says; buy some good charcoal. You def need a charcoal chimney and a good meat thermometer is a big help. Do a search on this forum on any of these subjects and you will get a boatload of info.
There are a number of mods you can do to make the WSM more convenient to use , but I'd suggest getting a few cooks under your belt before you get started . Cook up a few chickens to season the smoker , maybe do a shoulder or some ribs. Once you start cooking mods will suggest themselves. Have a great time....and happy b-day to Dad! grilling_smilie.gif
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Thanks so much guys. We love BBQ. Really looking forward to taking BBQ to the next level.
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How cool is a WSM for a Bday gift!! Does he fish? If so an expandable smoking rack might be nice. Here are the part numbers:

Weber 7472 Expandable Smoking Rack, 18-Inch
Weber 7473 Expandable Smoking Rack, 22-Inch
Weber 7474 Fish Hook Replacements for 18 and 22-Inch Expandable Smoking Racks
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