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Big Fat Beef Ribs

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With all the recent posts of beef ribs I had to my  some for the saturday gathering


Rubbed down with brown sugar, five spice and bayou blast  into the fridge overnight



on the smoker 9 am  with a few buddies


around noon i took them out for wrapping in foil



added some butter chili pepper jelly and apple juice, foiled back tight and back for a couple more hours



about 2 they are out and looking good





someone is getting impatient!



i then put a healthy slather of this spread for a nice glaze turned the GOSM to full heat to help get some crust


label says its something special so it must be true


About three they are looking good and ready to eat



those are some nice fat tasty looking beefs


killer looks happy so all must be good!




ribs are gone and now its time for a nap


thanks for looking!!!

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Looks good miami! Ive noticed the larger number of beef rib post lately as well.. makes me want some too!
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Making me hungry !!!!



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I like your picture Gary, Is that your backyard?
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The avatar Picture ?   Yes

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