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Heat Controllers?

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I'm a real newbie.  But I'm curious - after going over hundreds of posts and threads, I don't see any mention of heat controllers, i.e. Geru, Stoker, PitMaster IQ, etc.  What gives?

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knitmar, evening and welcome to the forum.....  I used the search bar at the top of the page and entered "guru"....   Lots of hits to search...

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One reason may be that a lot of guys here have elec smokers and have a built in thermostat.  I have a WSM and I believe I don't need an auto temp controller (ATC) because I find I enjoy controlling the pit myself.  The WSM makes it very easy.  But like Dave said there are a few that do use the ATC(s) here.

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Thank you all for good, quick responses.  You are helping me feel more at home on the Forum.

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Hello, and Welcome from Texas. This is a great site with worlds of information.



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