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Firebox Plate Sheared, Ready for Welding,

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Question for you, on the RF plate, rather than using the top of the firebox as part of the RF plate, Could I simply install the RF plate 1-2" above the firebox, thinking this would keep the firebox from transferring a lot of heat onto that side of the RF plate

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SD, morning......   The calculations below allow for increased area under the RF plate to reduce friction loss... The RF plate width of 20.49", puts it at the top of the opening FB/CC, where the FB should fit for easy fit up...   The seg. ht. of 6" corresponds to those numbers.... If you have 2 sets of air intakes to the FB...  one below the wood grate and one across from the FB/CC opening.... there shouldn't be a "hot spot" problem...  If you find there is, I have a heat deflector solution pictured below.....  


FB/CC opening...... 62.4 sq. in.   x 1.5  =  approx 92 sq. in.    

radius              = 11.75"

Segment Area = 87.35

seg. ht.            = 6"

chord AB         = 20.49"

Opening at the end of the RF plate 7" plus for extra room and reduced friction...


The heat shield can be extended into the CC to lower the heat on the RF plate....  Considering the enlarged area, already built into the numbers, there won't be a problem with flow after the shield is installed..... on pic to enlarge........




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Thanks Dave,

Got a bit done since my last post, Got the firebox mostly welded, still have to finish the door and cut some vents, Only concern I have now is if I really want to use this tank I have, Its extremely pitted and turned out to be 3/16. Don't know if I want to put all this work into this tank. Considering rolling a piece of 1/4 to match the dimensions of this tank.....

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head-wall.gif    3/16" or 1/4".........     head-wall.gif     3/16" or 1/4"......    I'm glad I'm not trying to figure that one out....  




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The tank turning out to be 3/16 doesn't bother me as much as the pitting does, If it wasn't so bad I would go with it, But still deciding.

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Figured I needed to give this thread the proper closure, I did actually finish this project, just took me about 6 months to get another tank and figured it was so far down the list I wouldn't bother, and after coming on the site to find some new recipes I figured I would show it off, Thanks to this site for the idea on the handles, not sure exactly who I stole that Idea from.






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Looking good!! How well does it cook, hold temps?

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Holds temps extremely well once stable, once it gets good coals in the firebox I only have to throw a split every hour or so, something which I really like about this smoker, I also cook everything hotter than most 300-325 for everything I smoke,
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I will point out the damper that's at the top was a great add for controlling amount of heat, opening breaks the draft and I can cool it down substantially, closing provides more heat to the cc, I also never throttle the stack
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