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Reverse Sear Tri Tip on UDS.

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I decided to splurge and defrost a Tip for dinner last night since I'm still ill. .. it kinda made me feel better. Also smoked some shell on gulfies primarily for Smoked Shrimp stock for some future gumbo. Getting ready for the holidays already ;)
Sorry some pic's were blurry and there isnt many... but..same ol same ol...

TT dusted with SPOG.. cooked at 200* til IT OF 110*. Let it rest while I cranked the uds up full blast.. it was a burn barrel by the time it was ready... it was great! Seared both sides of tip for maybe 30 secs each side. It was a hot grill for sure.. perfect med rare fore me..
Shrimp I threw on while at 200* and really they dried out to much to be edible. . (It was hard to peel with out destroying everything..) but thats ok.. theyare for a shrimp stock anyhow.. I just coated the outer shell with Tony C's and blacked the heck out of em... they smelled wounderful before I vacpac them for the freezer...

Nothing special.. just thought I would share... I cant wait to make that stock with those gulfies... yum!

Happy Tueaday friends
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Looks great.   You can cook good even sick.   :drool:



I need to try to find some tri tip.

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Thanks C! I can almost breath today... ALMOST.. :) left over TT with horseysauce and provolone sammies is making me feel good right nkw.
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That horseysauce will clear the nose in no time.

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Mmmmm, Tri tip! Looks great!
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