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My run of ABT's

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I made some of these last year and everyone i gave them to loved them so i decided to try them again. I use the hungarian hot wax peppers from my garden, hollowed out and cut into short chunks. I mixed a bunch of minced garlic in with some cream cheese, stuff the pepper chunks with it, wrapped it in bacon sideways so that it holds the cream cheese in, and shoved a tooth pick through. Throw them in the smoker with hickory for about 1.5 hrs at approx 275-300* until the bacon started to look a little crispy. Pulled them out and BAM! Awesomeness wrapped in more awesomeness!


I smoked them on a grate with a pan underneath so the grease fell through. Last time i just put them in a pan and they sat in the grease and got soggy, they were still good, but this time was better.


Here your Q!


Chucks stuffed.



Wrapped up.



Smoked and Done!




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Those look great and I like the "smaller" bites instead of the whole pepper! Nice job and on my tips list!

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Great looking ABT's ! I also like the smaller bites! Great job!

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Ooooooooooooooo... Looks Great!!!  I too like the smaller bites.


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Nice Job..... They look great.... It all depends on how big your bite is..LOL  They wont last long...................:drool

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