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Filter/Reduce Smoke

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I have a Char-Griller Outlaw w/ side fire box and live in New York City.  I have a sizeable roofdeck but am trying to avoid smoking out my neighbors.  My first attempt involved my neighbor three stories down complaining and the fire dept showing up.  Does anyone have good suggestions for minimizing the smoke output?  I've heard annecdotally that you can use PVC pipe to route the smoke through a filter that converts some of it into a liquid but can't find any more detail.  Any other creative suggestions would be a great help as well.



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If your smoke output is optimal, then it should not be a hindrance to anyone, it should smoke less than burgers on a grill.

However, Using a chimney creates a lot of smoke initially.


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You can always add a flame afterburner in the stack to burn the smoke ....

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maybe i am adding too much wood at a time.  I've definitely heard that it should only be a thin stream, but i definitely am producing quite a bit more than that.  I'll try adding my hickory more gradually instead of in large batches.  Any other suggestions?


DaveOMAK, do you have a good recommendation on a horizontal afterburner that has some clear instructions on it's setup/use?  Much appreciated.

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Use a propane torch.... the kind that hooks to a small hand held bottle...  connect it with copper tubing for safety...      or, learn how to control the fire and smoke for thin blue smoke ...  Or get on of Todd's Amazing Smoke Generators.....  or tell your neighbors your on the roof, "come on up, and you will show them how to take".... "One Giant Step for Mankind"....

It doesn't take much of a flame to consume the smoke.....  Ask the guys with a propane smoker that can't get any smoke....  You will want the "air pick up", that's on the torch head, to be outside the stack where it can get air....



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