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Insulated Reverse Flow Cabinet with Offset - Design Ideas

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I have been reading this site for a while now and trying to learn as much as I can.  I found another site that goes thru a very well documented build of a insulated cabinet reverse flow build - done by bbq engineer.  I want to take this concept and add a offset firebox.  I put together a simple drawing and I would like to get feedback if this would work vs. having the firebox at the bottom of the cabinet as in typical designs.


The design is to have insulated walls for the cabinet and smoker.  I was thinking of not insulating the top of the firebox, as this would allow for a great place to warm extra pieces of wood prior to burn.


I can't start on this build for a minimum of 8 weeks, so I will be researching and designing until I can start.



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You will want to incorporate the stack into the smoker to keep it warm... A cold stack will stop the air flow....  

I think they call that a "cold air dam"...




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Yes, if you think about this being double walled. The smoke stack will be between the 2 walls in the back. Hope that helps paint the picture.

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Food for thought..... make the entire back wall the stack and insulate the outside of the back wall...   There 2 cents...    Dave

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Interesting idea. Let me draw that up and see if I can capture your thoughts.
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Here is a real rough sketch.  I am not showing the additional back panel of insulation.  How thick (air space) should the smoke stack be in this scenario 1/2" - 1"?  Should I raise the stack above the cabinet or have it flush with the top?


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I'd make it the same depth as the side wall smoke/heat inlets... at least 1"...  there will be a lot of friction from the amount of surface area in that chamber...  as far as height, smoker height would be adequate for draw.. now you have to think of aesthetics...   for the opening at the bottom, about 2" or so opening for the exhaust to enter the exhaust plenum...  remember, the exhaust is taking pretty much a 180 deg turn to head out...   that is another point of obstruction for the exhaust...   With insulation on the back side and the heat from the smoke chamber, good draw should be expected...   I really like the reverse down flow vertical cabinet design....  Seems to me, it is one of the best smoker designs there is...   Uniform heating and smoke.... no cold spots...  It's a design I should build if I didn't have a yard full of smokers already and a bride that thinks I have too many...

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glcark -


Wondering if you had this built yet and if so how does it function in terms of smoke flow and penetration.  I have been working on a design like this when I came across your thread.



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