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Finally Done!

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Hey Guys. Finally was able to get the hybrid fridge done. Most of you have already seen the electric version but I have attached pictures of my new firebox. I had some leftover mineral fiber board so I insulated it. I should have done more than 1 inch cause the box still gets pretty hot but it works well. I made it so it will fit a 2 fan BBQ Guru setup. I decided to try a 6LB butt for the first smoke to see how well it will maintain temp. I usually do 230* but decided to do hot and fast to see if it can maintain a higher temp. Got it up to 275* and let the Guru go to work. Maintained 275* for 7 hours with me only throwing coals in 1 time. VERY IMPRESSED!!! The only thing I did wrong was the wheels on the firebox. I planned on the box weighing a couple hundred pounds but I was off by a couple hundred pounds so the wheels are already bent. Need to get those replaced soon. Other than that everything works great. Let me know what you guys think.







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Nice! The ingenuity of our forumites never fails to amaze me.


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