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BB temp question

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Thread Starter it ok to smoke ribs under 200 degrees? Does the end result just mean that you have to cook them longer to get the same results or does the higher temps have an actual purpose? The only reason I ask is.....this cheap ECB is annoying to babysit and keep above 220. It likes to float aroun 180-200 for the most part.

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I use the 2-2-1 method for my baby backs at 235 and they turn out great.  If you smoked them at 200 you should not have any food safety issues but of course it will take longer.

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Hope you aren't going going by the thermometer on the ECB.  I cooked for a long time on the ECB two door vertical and the thermometer was waaaay off!

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No, I added a gas grill thermometer and put it up top close to the handle. It cooks hotter without water in the pan but if there is no water then the grease just drips down and burns in the pan. Tonight was disappointing. Ribs were too smokey (using hickory for fuel to add temps) and the fat was still present which means they were pretty under done even tho the internal temp made it to 170.

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