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New & Improved UDS

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A few weeks ago I built my first UDS. I liked they way it cooked and its capacity much more than any store bought smoker I've had. Now that I had used it for a few weeks I set out to build a better one. I scavenged vents and handles from my Masterbuilt Pro that had rotted on the bottom and this is what I got. I also made a charcoal box out of a 22.5 grate and expanded metal. The temp control is so much easier with this one. I also included a pic of a 5 pound brisket I smoked on it. The brisket was gone in about 10 minutes.







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Nice UDS  thumb1%20copy.gif   Brisket looks really good too  :drool

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Looks good.  Why is this one so much better?


What is differant?

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Originally Posted by Centuryonly View Post






Nice UDS>  That's some serious thick white smoke.  ...but the brisket looks good.

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The smoke is from the initial burn in not from the cook. Using the vent from the Masterbuilt made the heat more controllable than the home made vents on the last one, it seals tighter to choke it down low.
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WHEW!!  LOL  That's a good lookin pit.

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