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A few questions.

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Hi I am new to this jewel of a website. I have a browning propane smoker. Here are the questions. 1) smoke leaks from everywhere on this. How do I fix this? 2) the door has two magnets to keep it closed. What can I upgrade to to be able to do away with the magnets? And lastly 3) do these smokers hold enough heat to also use as a electric smoker from time to time for making sausage? Thanks for the time and advice!
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  Hi Nick. I'm not familiar with your smoker but some generic help is... lay a bead of high temp RTV  along the surface needing to be sealed. Next, cover the RTV with plastic wrap  and close the door. This will give you a sealed opening. Now  remove plastic wrap. Hope this helps some...




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I had a Browning at one time...but it was the version that was actually a Smoke Vault that had the Browning Logo on the front instead of Smoke Vault.


I didn't care about the smoke leaking from the Door...but mine had a door handle/latch.  Smoke has got to leave some how.  


Question....why use electric to do the sausages?  You can still use the Browning propane for sausages....I have smoked cheese in mine. Sausages are on my to-do list this winter.


Big Smoke Vault

That was the one that I used.  Now my smoke Vault looks exactly like it...just no "Browning" logo on it.



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Kathryn. I can't keep my smoker below 250. It stays on low with all vents closed and is still at 250. And everyone says to smoke the hotlinks at about 170 so that the fat doesn't leak out.
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Maybe install a needle valve in the hose before the regulator to choke down the amount of gas at the lowest setting?

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