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Pulled Pork

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Hey y'all!! Been a while since I have popped my head in and said hello or asked a question but I am in a spot where I need some advice. I just recently got an Oklahoma Joe Long Horn Offset Smoker. I have been using a Smoke Hollow No. 6 LP Gas Smoker. My rule of thumb was always take my pork to an IT of 205 in order to ensure that I was able to pull it easy. I've been seeing in different places that people take their pork out at 195 and pull it then or they take it to a minimum 205 then pull it so, I guess what I;m asking is this, what do y'all recommend. Should I stay tried and true at 205 or is there another method/temp that I should shoot for?





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I take my butts out around 200* then foil & wrap in towels in a cooler to rest. I try to give it at least an hour but I have held them that way for up to 5 hours & they were still piping hot when I took them out to pull. I like to take my picnics a few degrees higher due to all the extra connective tissue in them...

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Folks that pull at 195*F tend to like their pork a bit chunkier. Some find going to 205*F with a rest is too mushy. Pulling at 200*F with a rest, it will go to 205*F, is in between and what I like. If you are happy with the result at 205*F, there is no reason to change a thing and disregard what others are doing...JJ

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