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Sept 21 BBQ

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Were putting together a bbq fund raiser for a friend and his family. It's gonna be the biggest smoke we have ever done I hope. Here's what's on the menu.


3 fresh pork legs 16 lbs each for sliders

18 spares

4 pans beans

4 pans potato salad

4 pans mac salad

4 oreintal salads

4 pans smoked mac & cheese

chips dips & salsas

Some other friends are bringing deserts an apps such. I'm hoping 150 to 200 people @ $10 a person. With a couple donating jars in the mix. My personal goal is $2500. 

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Sounds like quite a shin dig!

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I'm hoping! Bama BBq. Were getting a head start on the pork legs and beans today. Not sure how long the legs will take. But being a little late is like being a little pregnant. lol Beans will go 3 or so hours then rest over night to jell the flavors. Btw there will be Q-view :biggrin: 

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Good luck.....I think it's great what yall are doing for your friend!



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Very nice hope the fund raiser goes well to who ever it benefits, great job.

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